Road to Love

The Vision
Each song is a life transforming story, hidden in its lines. Moments of inspiration being able to bring different talents from around the world to one vision - a vision to preserve the Vaishnava music culture and its emotions, that comprehends and appreciates the sacrifices made by many great saints of Bhakti Yoga such as Bhaktivinoda Thakur (who was an inspirational and respectful personality and authority in the Vaishnava lineage) and Narottam Dasa Thakur (a poet who could express divine love in his writings and with his melodies). 

The purpose of this album is to generate funds through which we can gather different musicians  from all over the world and record these Bhajan crown jewels so that this great heritage can be distributed throughout generations and in history yet to come. 

It will be a glimpse of spiritual reality preserving Bhakti Yoga tradition and our Acaryas lifetime work. 
Album Preview
Why this album is for you
It is the hidden treasure in every music collection; modern music with a deeper meaning.
The songs are for every age and for people from all backgrounds and interest.
It is a revolution of consciousness that every single individual in this world is welcome to join. 

Join your personal Road to Love, sing along a fresh new version of already known, ancient songs from the east
or enjoy modern cheerful songs with deeper meaning.

Balance out your days with the mixture of our songs.
Sit back and think about the  meaning and take yourself
on a journey by listening to each single song. 
Special Thanks to
Studio Recordings Recorded by Mark Matula and Daniel Antix @ MM Productions
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Antx @ Def Wolf Studios
Home Recordings Mastered by Daniel Antix @ Def Wolf Studios
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The Philosophy
You are wondering about the necessity of spirituality in human life? You ware wanting to know more about the yoga system and vedic cosmology and are wondering what these ancient mantras we are chanting are about?
You want to connect deeper and experience this culture of knowledge?
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You are inspired by the instruments used in the album recording?
Or you have been dreaming about purchasing your own instrument? 
you can do it now, with soultosoul! 

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Join the revolution of consciousness
Join the Road to Love.