Portable Harmonium 
by SoultoSoul
For Sale!
Handmade & Directly from India

Ultra light, foldable and small portable Harmonium traditionally handmade in Uttar Pradesh, India. 

A Harmonium is commonly used in Kirtan, a musical call and response form of mantra chanting.
The advantage of using a harmonium traditionally handmade from India over using modern
Instruments from the west ist that a harmonium functions on a particular Hertz rate that directly
reaches our true inner self when played. The unique sound of the harmonium allows us
to enter a calm state of mediation and to experience a yet unexplored state of our own being. 

Being exposed to the sound of a harmonium and mantras means to become purified and to start a process of spiritual realisation.
The sound of harmonium and mantras chanted in sanskrit, such as the maha mantra, have shown its effects
to the mind, intellect and auditory nerves of those who attend. 
Often attending a kirtan  is a first step in peoples yogic life and on their spiritual path. 

Get your Harmonium today.

Wood: Cedrus Deodar/ Himalayan Ceder/ Devdaru
Reed: Bali 
Colour: natural brown colour
Set of 2 High Quality "Bali" Reeds: 1 Base + 1 Male 3½ Octaves, Total 31 Keys
Coupler Function - Plays two Octaves of the same note at the same time and produces richer sound
Air Leaks are checked for longer sustain
Portable folding box type
Tested before shipping: Sound, Keys, Tuning, Sustain, Finish Etc.

Open: 46½ x 30 x 26½ cm
Close: 46½ x 26 x 14½ cm
Weight: 5.60kg - 7Kg 

25-30 Days for order and hand making process + 5-7 days shipping

(includes shipping)
 only  320 Euro
per Harmonium

Bulk discount:
For orders of 5-9 pieces: 295 Euro per harmonium
For orders above 10 pieces: 282 Euro
For any Bulk discount please send an inquiry to info@soultosoulfriends.com

It is highly recommended to keep the Harmonium away from extreme hot or damp area.
In winter it is best to cover it with some warm cloth to maintain 20-30 °C for the timber. 
For more questions please email us at info@soultosoulfriends.com

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