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Best ever vegetarian recipes
for your ultimate yogic diet

“Yoga Food by SoultoSoul Kitchen” let’s you experience the best ever vegetarian recipes for your ultimate Yogic diet in one healthy vegetarian cookbook.  “Yoga Food by SoultoSoul Kitchen” combines healthy vegetarian recipes through a sattvic diet in form of Yoga Food recipes.

Healthy vegetarian cookbook

On 274 pages this healthy vegetarian cookbook offers you 44 Yoga diet recipes while explaining you the innumerable health benefits of food vividly accompanied by 123 full size colour photography’s, tips on growing your own organic food as well as on your posture while eating. This means you can enjoy healthy vegetarian food recipes with the environmentally friendly ebook “Yoga Food by SoultoSoul Kitchen”!

Sattvic food: egg free recipes without onion and garlic

Healthy vegetarian food recipes means all recipes are sattvic recipes. Sattvic recipes refers to all recipes being entirely egg free recipes as well as all recipes without onion + garlic.

Vegetarian cooking for everyone
& vegetarianism for beginners

The cookbook Yoga Food by SoultoSoul Kitchen is a vegetarian cooking for everyone! It supports vegetarianism for beginners and teaches a healthy vegetarian diet as well as a yogic diet at the same time. All recipes being egg free recipes without onion + garlic supports this fact. “Yoga Food by SoultoSoul Kitchen” is for everyone – even and especially for every beginner vegetarian. “Yoga Food by SoultoSoul Kitchen” has the best vegetarian recipes for you. It is a vegetarian cookbook full of sattvic food combining the best vegetarian recipes with a yogic diet! Join the Yoga Kitchen with the vegetarian cookbook “Yoga Food by SoultoSoul Kitchen” and take advantage of the innumerable health benefits of food!

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Why this book is for you
It offers you a new style of eating and gives you the chance to start your yogic practice right here today.
Align your health and eating habits with recipes written in accordance to ancient spiritual practices from India. 

Our Mission for you
We are wishing for everyone’s life to become more balanced in their daily schedules.
We are offering a wide variety of food bringing stability to your mind and strength to your body,
cooked in the mode of goodness which ultimately brings peace. 

More than just a Cookbook
Besides numerous recipes the book offers you innumerable health benefits on certain
ingredients and teaches you the impact of vegetables and fruits on the body.
It inspires you to grow your own organically homegrown food and explains you how to
improve your eating posture and therefore your digestion. 

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