The Project
SoultoSoul is an educational lifestyle project, founded the beginning of 2016, based on the principle of simple living and high thinking. We are Gopinath & Britta and we are aiming to inspire you to discover your true self in our world of food, music, yoga, gardening, sustainability and hospitality.

The Vision
Day to day as the time passes 
as the river is drawn to the ocean 
from my childhood i have been drawn to a dream 
a dream that connects to all of you as soultosoul.

the heartbeat of that dream 
is the music of everyones happiness 
that lays in the depth of your eyes 
it is like those moments when you truly know 
nothing in this world matters but that. 

the dream began out of love saying one day
“grandma i am gonna make a bridge for you
so you don't have to struggle crossing this creek”,
when i was only 5 years old.
still today i remember that moment
when i was holding her hand 
and i told her “grandma don't you worry
i am always here for you.”
and even though i was a kid 
and i did not understand what i was saying 
the fact that mattered to me 
was that i just wanted to make her happy. 

that was the start of my dream. 

as there is a saying in bengali which translates
 “a lake is a formation of many drops of rain”
similarly the desire to make my friends, my family
and the people i am surrounded with happy 
has brought this dream to where it stands today.

from the age of 7 i have been chasing that dream 
from traditional gurukul in india
through spiritual vibrant university of belgium 
to most friendliest and happiest people in africa 
to a life changing experience in russia
to the land of dreams in australia.

and as a seed mysteriously forms
into a beautiful supporting, caring and giving tree
the seed of this dream had began from the age of 5 
and until today it has taken the shape 
of a loving community balancing the reality of souls existence between materialism and spirituality.

after all, knowledge is the key
love is the path 
unity and loyalty is the strength
 and friendship is the success
honesty is the mystical power 
to bring this dream into reality. 

If any of the fruit of this dream resonates to your taste
please support us in any way you can 
please take a baby step 
to connect with us as our friend
and share your hand
to shape this dream project as a part of your own 
and share your wealth and resources to facilitate yours and others happiness.

We welcome you to this community 
for a bright and joyful experience
on our path to soultosoul. 

The Team
The SoultoSoul project is possible due to the creative work of an international team
from all over the world, in total 16 countries, counting 26 incredible people:

You feel like wanting to give something back?

Give back what you got! SoultoSoul inspired you in any way? We are constantly working on new content and the growth of the platform to inspire you even more and to share the path of the revolution of consciousness. The result is a constantly growing happy community. Building this platform took more than a full time job over several months and the maintenance is not less work. If you feel you appreciate what we do we would be deeply thankful to receive your support. We know spare money is rare to find, everyone works hard and has their own expenses as much as we do.  A very honorable donation of just AUD 5,00 gives this platform the possibility to continue.

Thank you so much.

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