Bhujangasana, also called cobra pose, benefits your spine and back muscles
as well as your stomach and shoulders. It wakens you up and strengthens
your ability to concentrate, especially under stress.
Your legs and hips lie on the floor while your upper body is upright. 

Lie flat on your stomach, put your forehead on the mat so that your spine does not bend. 

Place the upper sides of your feet flat on the floor,
the heels should rest next to each other at hip width.

Take your elbows back so far that you can place your hands flat next to your body just above chest height. Your fingertips point forward.
You release your head from the mat and slowly straighten up a few centimetres. 

Inhale and exhale calmly and regularly.
Vertebra by vertebra straighten up your upper body, raise your shoulders, chest and belly upwards and gradually stretch your arms.
Now your pelvis also rises a bit. Your gluteal muscles are relaxed.

At the end you straighten up your head, your gaze is straight ahead
(or slightly upwards), in line with the spine.

Relax your shoulders. 

Inhale and exhale a few times, enjoy this posture and the stretching of your whole body. 
If you feel comfortable, turn your gaze upwards to achieve an even greater stretching.

While you breathe slowly and concentrated, lower your head, pelvis, stomach and shoulders one after another and come back to the lying position from the beginning.

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