Phalakasana strengthens the arms, wrists and shoulders and tones the abdomen. It prepares the arms and core for more advanced arm-balancing asanas and is generally a strengthening and balancing pose.   

Start in Ashwa Sanchalanasana
Bring your front foot to  your back foot that you are in a push-up position.
Spread the fingers wide apart with the middle finger pointing forward.
Press into the palms with your arms being straight.

Tuck the tailbone.

Make sure that the torso and the hips are straight to the body line and that you neither drop the hips nor lift them higher than the line of your body. it should be a straight line.

With the toes tucked, press the crown of the head forward.
Press the heels back.
Do not bend the knees.

Hold in this position as long as you feel comfortable. 
Exit the pose by bending the knees to the floor and enter balasana

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