Savasana, also called corpse pose, is consciously executed.
Observe in savasana how you are feeling before a yoga class and after.
The body and mind are scanned for tension.
After a yoga session the balance is restored. With correct execution savasana helps
against stress. Negative manifestations in our body are dissolved.
Lie down and spread your arms and legs a little out from your body.
Close your eyes and feel. Breathe.

Lay down relaxed on the mat with your back being evenly and comfortably.
Raise your hips and move your tailbone away so that your lower back is stretched,
just as much that you are in a comfortable position.
Lay down your feet at hip width and let them glide naturally outwards through the relaxation. The groin is relaxed.

Place your arms next to your upper body at an angle of 30-45°. 
Make sure that your shoulders are relaxed.
The palms of your hands point upwards to open your chest and shoulders.
Check that the spine is long.
Move your chin a little towards your chest.

breathe in slowly and deeply.
The next time you exhale, let your body sink into the floor and relax.
A little more with each exhalation. 

Stay in this resting position while your mind calms down.
 Imagine your body rejuvenating through deep relaxation.
Go through your body in your mind from top to bottom - the head, tongue, jaw, neck, lung, heart, stomach, pelvis, legs and feet are consciously perceived and relaxed. 

Stay in Savasana for 5 minutes and no longer than 20 minutes. 
Find your rhythm and listen to your body.
To leave this asana, lift your legs up and bring them to your chest. Hold them with your arms. Rock several times from the right to the left and back.

Focus your mind, take a few breaths and use your hands to stand up. 

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