Tadasana, also called mountain pose, is the starting point for many other asanas. It improves your posture, promotes attention and concentration, strengthens the thighs, knees and ankles, increases your energy, harmonises the body and mind and reduces stress. 
Stand stable with your legs closed and your navel slightly drawn inwards. Imagine a straight line going through your body. 
Tadasana can be practiced anytime everywhere.

Stand with both feet on the yoga mat, arms relaxed to the side. 
Breathe calmly and evenly.

Concentrate on your center. Be in the moment and let your mind come to rest.
Raise your toes, spread them and put them back on the mat. 
If you have balancing problems, just take your feet further apart, or just the heels a little bit.

Stretch your legs and distribute your body weight evenly to your feet. 

Imagine you have roots that reach into the ground. 

Turn your thighs and shins slightly inwards.

The coccyx points slightly forward, the buttocks is relaxed.
Slightly retract the belly.

Relax your shoulders. 

The gaze is relaxed and directed towards the horizon.

Keep the body straight. 
Imagine a straight line from your feet through your hips to your head and beyond.

Continue to breathe calmly.
Feel how the spine lengthens with each exhalation. 

Hold this position for one minute.

Do you feel the power and strength that comes from Tadasana?
Take this feeling with you for all standing asanas.

As a beginner place your feet further apart to improve your balance.

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