Virabhadrasana i, also called warrior i, helps you to be in the current
moment and to feel more powerful and self-confident.
It stimulates the digestive organs and improves balance and attention. 
For this Asana the hips are pointing forward while the yogi is lunging. The power comes from a standing position and is directed through the body into the arms and beyond. 
Breathe into the areas of your body that are cramped or rigid during this asana.

Begin this yoga practice in tadasana

As you exhale, place your feet shoulder-wide. Step forward with your left foot and turn your back foot 45° - 60° to the right. Both heels build one line.
The hips and shoulders are facing forward.

On the next  inhale, take your arms straight up, parallel to each other,
keeping your shoulders wide.

The palms of the hands point inwards and the shoulders remain relaxed.
On the next exhale, bend your front leg so that the knee is above the heel.

Vary the weight distribution on the foot and see how you stand most stable.

Lean your head slightly back and look at your hands.

Inhale and exhale calmly while staying 30 seconds to one minute in Virabhadrasana I.

To leave the asana, exhale, take your arms down and place them on your hips.
Take a step forward with your back foot to come back to tadasana.

Relax your arms next to your body and repeat with the other side.

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