Virabhadrasana I, also called warrior II,I strengthens your stability and balance.
Especially in difficult moments it sharpens your concentration.
Your self-confidence will get a boost.
Stand securely in the middle of the mat and look across your hand into the horizon.

Begin in tadasana
Exhale and move your left foot backwards,  turn it outwards. 
Both your heels are building one line. 

Turn your hip to the left and feel the tension in your thighs.
The right knee should be right above the right heel.

Take a deep breath and lift your arms up, parallel to the floor. 
Your palms are facing towards the mat. 

Relax your shoulders and open your chest.
Turn the tailbone and pubic bone slightly forward to avoid a hollow back.

The gaze glides over the arm, the hand and the middle finger towards the horizon.
This is your visual focus during this asana.

Slowly inhale and exhale while remaining in this position for about one minute.
Come back to tadasana.
Repeat the asana with the other side.

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