Vrksasana, also called tree pose, strengthens your balance as well as the muscles
of your entire body and has a positive effect on your concentration.
You stand on one leg, keeping your balance with your concentration and hips.

For Vrksasana, first stand in Tadasana
With both feet you stand stable but relaxed on the yoga mat, your arms hang loosely next to your body. Make sure to stretch your legs and knees and that your toes point forward. Your sole is flat on the ground so that your body weight is distributed and your body is grounded. Your spine is straight, your view forward focused.

Breathe calmly and evenly without lifting your shoulders.
Stay relaxed for a few seconds in this asana.

Now tighten your leg muscles and your abdominal muscles and pull your shoulder blades together. Put your hands on your hips or stretch them outwards.
At the next exhalation you can lift your right leg up.

Open your hip and right thigh so that your knee points away from you at a 90° angle.
Lean your foot flat against your left thigh just above your knee. You can first help to hold the leg with your right hand at the ankle.

Put your hands together at the level of your chest and keep your gaze calm and focused straight ahead. Your body is tense and stretched: from the ankles over the calves, thighs, knees and hips to the spine, shoulders, neck and cervical vertebrae. Keep breathing in and out calmly and consciously.

Your facial muscles are relaxed. When you feel stable, stretch your arms and hands over your head. You can hold this position for a few seconds or even minutes as you feel comfortable. Then slowly lower your leg again, put your foot straight on the mat and finish the with Tadasana. Switch to the left side.

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