Balasana, also called childs pose,is a calming and relaxing asana.
It relieves your eyes, nerves, brain, breath, mind, back and shoulders.
Balasana reduces stress and helps with fatigue, dizziness and headaches.
Starting from the heel, you bend forward to place your upper body on your thighs. 

Sit on your heels in the middle of your yoga mat.  
Your big toes touch, your knees are hip width apart. 

Bend your upper body forward until your belly rests on your thighs
and your forehead touches the floor. 

Place your hands on the floor next to your upper body or take your arms forward and
place them stretched with your palms down left and right past your head.

Relax your shoulders.

Concentrate on calm and even breathing in and out of the upper body.
Close your eyes.

Stay for 30 seconds to a maximum of a few minutes,
before you leave the asana. 

This asana can be built into any yoga practice or can be done alone for relaxation.

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